Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Rose Splendor" up-date

It's coming along and I think it will look very pretty when it is finished. The gaps in the border are for gold metallic thread and given previous experience that is going to wait till the very end. I may also leave the rest of the narrow inner border till the end because the stitch catches easily.
I have actually done more of the tapestry but it is mainly border and stems.


Shirley said...

It is lovely Carol. I used to do cross stitch many years ago and also petit point - but my eyes aren't what they used to be. I also did some original scenes on the plastic canvas which turned out not too badly.

I do enjoy visiting your blog - I hope you will drop into mine too. Shirley

Carol said...

Thanks Shirley.

This one is on 28ct. so the holes are tiny and my eyesight is not that brilliant either :0

I try to visit your blog almost every day. It's lovely and I enjoy reading everything. I think LearningFA is going to be a really good experience for me.

Micki said...

it's lovely indeed! I love roses, and machine embroider many on my quilts, etc. I love your blog and hope you visit mine!
In Ireland

Maggie R said...

Hello Carol,
I must say this is a lovely piece you are doing.... I Love cross stitch but it is one thing I never had much luck at... I would lose count and get all messed up. I did a siamese cat once and poor thing ended up with a lump on it's neck where I lost count!!! I framed it anyway and I still have it!!!VBG

Carol said...

HI Micki, Roses are gorgeous. My mother grows them and they are my oldest daughter's favorite flower. I visit your blog regularly and enjoy it.

Maggie - I love your fabric postcards and enjoy reading your blog.

Thank you both for visiting with me.