Monday, October 25, 2010

Artist of the week - Bernie Rowell

Bernie Rowell is a painter turned textile artist whose past experience definitely influences her current work.  She lives in the mountains of western North Carolina and acknowledges that as being one of her primary inspirations along with her garden.

"Tree Life" 46"x43" mixed media painted quilt.

If you look closely at some of her work you will notice that she recycles objects.
This one is called "Moonscape Memories" and is part of a series using a stamp collection she inherited from her great uncle. An excellent editorial by Melissa Stanz. An on-line interview with one of her friends Dottie Moore.
In "Studio Conversations: Bernie Rowell Spring 2010" Bernie demonstrates how she puts her artwork together.

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Cheryll said...

LoVe the "Moonscape". WOW!