Monday, October 4, 2010

Blog of the week - Jennie Rayment

A while back I mentioned that I want to learn more about 3D quilting. I got started then life intervened (doesn't it always). Having said that I found a really interesting project on the internet which led me to this lady. Meet Jennie Rayment aka "The Muslin Mistress" or "Queen of Calico". (Yes I know she is famous but I live under a rock.) She specializes in "nipping and tucking" and her work is amazing.

Jennie hails from England and is unique in her realm. She creates amazing items with calico/muslin and has fun to boot.  Don't let the above photograph fool you.... she sheds her "naughty nightie" during her demonstrations and lectures ...... and with a legal purpose.

Her current book "Creative Tucks and Textures for Quilts and Embroidery" is on my ever expanding list of books to buy. The cover project was created out of one square and one circle of fabric !!!!

She has also authored "Tucks, Textures and Pleats", "Tucks and Textures Two", "Tucked Up in Bed", "Tinkering With Texture" and "Serging For Softies".

One of her wall hangings is titled "Magnolia Dusk". She also creates clothing and 3 dimensional art.

My favorite at the moment is this one "Sudoku Quilt" from her book "Tucked Up in Bed."
Hop on over to to meet Jennie as she introduces Just Hands On TV. If you sign on there is a wonderful interview with her.


Dolores said...

Thank you for introducing Jennie. I love her work and will be checking the link.

Barbara said...

If you ever get a chance to see her in real life, take it. She was one of the most entertaining and fun lecturers and teachers I've ever had.