Monday, October 11, 2010

Blog of the week - Cheaper Than Therapy Quilting

Some of my friends told me recently (as they were off-loading) that I am "cheaper than a therapist" so the title of this blog appealed to my sense of humor.
Meet Mary Lou Casada who lives not too far from me. If you call "passing the Glasgow/London road signs on the way to visit my mother-in-law" close :) I enjoy her sense of humor and color palette.

"Oh no I picked out my own brown bag. how embarrasing"
I want her stash of neutrals and love her reasoning behind having that much. You'll have to read her blog to find out why.
Her ever loving and patient husband, when it comes to her quilting addiction, 'fessed up  that he reads her blog. He is currently stationed in Afghanistan. They recently celebrated their 23 wedding anniversary.
If you click on her scripture links they will take you to some of her other blog posts. Enjoy :) I liked Titus 2 and Esther 4:14 and Jeremiah 29:11 and .........
One of these days we will take a little detour to London, Kentucky instead of driving by and talking about it. Mmmmmmm The Mountain Laurel Quilters are having their quilt show in London on 15th-16th October. Hot diggity dog that's this week-end !!!!!!!
addendum - silly me I forgot to give the link to the blog


Bianca said...

What is the name of your friends blog, or do you have a link to it?

Mary Lou Casada said...

Thanks so much for the feature! :-)
I hope you'll come by Cheaper Than Therapy Quilting often! And how cool that you are close by in TN! Come on over! LOL
Mary Lou