Friday, October 8, 2010

Project update - Christmas wall hanging

I'm playing with some applique letters and doves (my main festive theme for this year). The middle section is not stitched down yet because I want to think about the positioning for a few days. Baby dove is sitting on top of a package and I kind of  like how the ribbon creates another fun feature at the top of her head. I might take that further. I have some other letters cut out that will either go on the back or be made into another project.
My "maybe" quilt now has a name - "Columbines" - the embroidery is moving along and you can see updates about that at
My sewing machine is having issues..... again... Started making clunking noises when I was putting the baby doves together. I spent a while taking it apart and cleaning it but it looks like there is some thread stuck down in a section that I cannot reach or take apart. I guess it's time to find someone who can repair my type of machine. Himself is contemplating a new machine for my birthday.
DD #3 has been looking through all my sewing patterns (yes I do have some) for something to make for prom (me making with a little assistance from her). She wants sparkly fabric and is currently contemplating a 3/4 length dress and jacket. We had a good time at Jo-Anne Fabrics recently playing with fabric and she is looking forward to me taking her to a prom dress shop so we can look at neck-lines on her.

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Oops-Lah said...

Love you Christmas wall hanging. Is it your own design? I hope you'll be able to have your machine fixed or maybe it's a sign that you need a new one ;). Have a good weekend. Vreni x