Friday, October 15, 2010

Birthday month give-away 2010

It's my birthday this month and this time round I'm doing a giveaway of a different kind.
All you have to do is guess what this "up close" view is of and you might win 10 fat quarters in a color-way of your choosing. You have till Wednesday 20th, morning, to guess. (Addendum - It is now Wednesday, just after midday. The giveaway is now closed. The winner will be announces later today.)

So have some fun with this but remember to leave a comment with a way to contact you. The winner will be drawn from those that participate, and announced on Wednesday afternoon.

On to a totally different subject. I happen to like green and wear it a lot. My friends might be surprised to learn that it is not my favorite color :)

The ever delightful Robyn at is doing Colorful Friday. This week it's GREEN so I am joining in. Woohoo :) I hope you enjoy my choice of photographs and have a splendiforous week-end. If you are on fall break like us ...... party on people ... do something fun and creative with your children whatever their ages :)

An exchange gift (last year) from Jean Boyd at

A gift I sent for Christmas last year. I really like stitching mini alphabets.

Some beautiful overhang greenery near the main house at Cheekwood. We went there today.
At the visitors center in Historic Kirtland, Ohio. We went there this summer.
Darling son creating a mini snowman this past winter. Yeah we got decent snow :)
A donation block for a cancer research fundraiser sponsored by the amazing Donna at
A christmas gift for last year.
Walking through the trees to the Kirtland Temple. (It has a green door but the photograph was not good.)
I am learning to crochet. This blanket is going into our green/pink/white guest room.

Well lookie here we have a surprise visitor .....
"Who are you looking for?" Cousin Kermit you say? "I'm sorry he has not arrived yet. Maybe you should rest here for a while or if you are in a hurry pop on over to some of the other GREEN blogs. He has been visiting some of them :)"


Robyn G. said...

Hi Carol and welcome to our colour game!!
Happy Colourful Friday!!
Isn't green such a happy colour??
Love your pics and all the reasons they were created... fantastic!!
Thankyou for a wonderful post and so happy you're joining us this week :-)

Anonymous said...

Id guess it's a Dale Chihuly creation. See

Debbie said...

Happy birthday, Carol. Hope it is wonderful.
My first impression of the photo was a bowl full of spun glass ornaments or baubles....lovely anyway. Love your garden photos...outstanding.

Karen said...

Hi Carol. I have thoroughly enjoyed your green pics. You do lovely cross stitch and these samplers look great! Beautiful greenery at Cheekwood, too. Love the frog.
No ideas for your guessing competition. Will have to think about that one. Enjoy your weekend.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Happy Birthday!! Not really sure about your picture, but I think they might be Christmas ornaments.

Bev C said...

Hello Carol,

Lots of lovely green and I do love your cross stitches you have done. Good luck with the crochet. My guess would be its Green and its made of glass is it a sculpture type thingy. Great guess aye!!

Happy days.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol
Love all your greens especially Mr Frog. Thanks for checking out my green post and yes I love Kiwi Fruit.
When I eat them I can't stop at one he he.
As for your guessing competition I'll stick with my first thoughts.....Blown glass.
Hope to catch up with you next week.

Marie said...

I'd say it's a Dale Chihuly creation as well, possibly one of her beautiful chandeliers. It's such a lovely colour!

Kathy said...

I think it may be a Dale Chihuly glass chandelier sculpture.

free indeed said...

What a tough picture! I thought something made with glass, possibly the centers to flowers...
I do love complain the house is turning into green in every room, but I find it to be such a calm serene color and I like to be calm and serene! :)
freeindeed at myfairpoint dot net

Cindi J said...

The item just "has" to be a Chihuly piece. Looks too much like it than anything else!!

The tree frog is darling, but you are very brave to post him on a site along with your stitching! I seem to ....RIPPP-IT .. RIPP-IT..... way too much lately!

Lula said...

I think your pic is a close up of alien heads dancing at an 'isnt it fab we are so green' party (well you said have fun!!!>>>)

Lucy x

Carrie P. said...

Lots of pretty green things on your post.
At first I thought Christmas ornaments/trees but the green glass almost looks like a house plant. It is pretty whatever it is.
Thanks for coming by blog to see my green things.

Carrie P. said...

Oh, almost forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday.

Bonnie said...

Lovely greens! I bet this is bobbins gone bad. They are so tired of going in endless circles they have decided to spiral instead. Their new job is taking them into many adventures including a green world. (ok, enough wild imagining. fun though.)

Have a happy birthday!

Marga (MarPie) said...

First Happy birthday.
Tough picture.
I think it is a close up from a picture what was taken in the Chihuly Exhibit at Cheekwood {from a sculpture}
I do hope I am right, I have been looking to a lot of older blogs from you.
{it is not a punishment, |I did see al lot of very nice things}
Have a very nice brithday.


Cheryl said...

It is a Chihuly glass chandelier and have a Happy Birthday. It is my birthday month as well!!

lynne said...

yeah, i am gonna agree and say that dale i even know what that is LOL but, i REALLY do think that is what it is. it does look like a greenish glass sculpture of a sort, just never would have guessed the name.

all i DO know for sure, is two, make that three. i LOVE to read your blog, i love to win stuff, and that october is THE best month there is for birthdays--i have a grandson the 2nd, a DS the 9th, myself and DD the 14th, and another DS on the 31st....

N.C.Fabric Junkie said...

Love your blog" In answer to your question I think it is a plant " some kind of a fern maybe" This month is my birthday too so hopefully I will get luckyyyyy lols

Stephanie said...

Hi Carol! Love the green and all the photos

I believe your mystery photo is of a Dale Chihuly masterpiece! Love his work!


Sarah or Semmy said...

Happy Birthday Carol! I think it is a plant, but I don't know what kind. Aren't magnified pictures amazing? I really like all the green as it is one of my favorite colors. Semmy

Sarah or Semmy said...

Carol after seeing the comments about D. Chihuly, I went to his web site and for sure it has to be some of his work. His venetian glass is marvelous. Thanks for educating me about this creative artist. Semmy

Carol said...

Thank you for all your wonderful comments. The winner of the fat quarter bundle will be announced later today.

Valentina said...

Congratulations for your Birthday, Carol!
Oh, how I love your greens! Sorry it took so long to pop by, but I am so glad I did. The froggie is so super cute!
...and I am so curious as to what that first picture is!
looking forward to your oranges!