Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Beautiful Britain - Waddesdon Manor

View of Waddesdon Terrace from the North Fountain
Part of the Sevres Rooms
large 3 dimensional bird near the Aviary. 
The original was first created in the late 1890's
"Perceval" by Sarah Lucas 
(no they are not giant peanuts they are giant marrows)
Welcome to Waddesdon Manor and Gardens originally one of the estates belonging to Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild. It took a wee while to build the house - 1874-89 and was done specifically to exhibit his art collections and to entertain. It was designed in the neo-Renaissance style i.e French chateau so expect a romantic type feel. When Queen Victoria invited herself for a visit what do you think was her favorite part? ...... The electric lights ..... she supposedly played with one of the light switches for quite a while :)
'Tis a gorgeous place to visit and the gardens are fabulous. The estate was bequeathed to the National Trust in 1957 but is administered by a Rothschild charitable trust.
John brought home "The Waddesdon Companion Guide". It is gorgeous and I am looking forward to reading it properly. (He also filmed some mini movies but I have not worked out yet how to add them to bloggie posts.)
In 2006 the property was used as the double for Buckingham Palace to film "The Queen". Personally I think it looks a lot prettier than the London "pile":)
There is an absolutely stunning Youtube site with romantic music added in that y'all have got to visit.


pajudie said...

What an impressive place!! I'd hate to have to clean it!! And, what are "marrows" - squash??

Micki said...

I love visiting beautiful gardens like that. How fun!

Toyin O. said...

The garden looks great.