Thursday, October 21, 2010

Colourful Fridays - Orange

It's already Friday on the other side of the world and has been for a while so I am posting early :) Link is now on my sidebar.
One of the silk flower arrangements in my kitchen (early version).
A sunshine stencil one of my girls requested for the back of her bedroom door.
Fabric used for my youngest daughter's PJ's. Bzzzzzzzzilly happy :)
A gorgeous easter 2009 quiltie made by Ann Hudson that I was given in a swap.
I collect snowmen and this is one of the cross-stitch christmas tree snowmen I made. Love his orange hat :)
One of my original autumn design mini samplers used for a swap.
One of our summer lilies. They vary from yellow through orange to red.
Ya never know what will show up in your photo album when your children borrow your camera :)

Many people find orange a hard color to work with yet it is viewed as sunny, vibrant and happy. On a walk or two through my house I found a whoooole lot more than I expected - cereal box, bread packaging, cereal bowl, knife handles, a small amount of fabric, my husband's shirt and tie, an old cushion, book covers, a box full of fall decorations, shampoo and body wash, hand sanitizer.

One of the official colors of Tennessee (pin taken off the web, photographer unknown).
and an award I received recently


Lesly said...

Go Vols! I've got a soft spot for big orange!

Cheryll said...

Your pic's are GrEaT! Lotsa OrAnGe!
This game is sooo much FuN!

Robyn G. said...

Fantastic photos Carol and good morning from Oz :-)
I thought orange would be hard to find too, but I found it everywhere...
The pic your kids took is great and very
Enjoy your colourful Friday xx

Carrie P. said...

Fun! Great orange smiley face.

Melody said...

Lots of fabulous pics but nothing can beat that orange smiley face. Love it.

Elaine said...

You should let your kids have the camera more often! Tell them the weekly colour and see what they come up with - what fun! Great pics!

Karen said...

Hi Carol. These are fun photos. I love collecting snowmen, too, so think your cross stitch is adorable.
I think we use more orange than we realise.
Love the smiley face too!

Anonymous said...

I didn't think I would be able to find orange anywhere either *giggle*. Love the smiley face! toni xxx

Anonymous said...

Had a busy day and just got round to checking out everybody's posts. Love your photos. Especially the one your kids took.
Thanks for stopping by and checking out mine too:-)

fairchildstreet said...

So many different shades of orange. Charmaine

Cathy said...

love your pics - especially the cute easter quilt