Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beautiful Britain - Dunstable Downs

Bet y'all were expecting an historic building of some kind :) Not today ....... today we are going to look at some flying "machines".

When you visit Dunstable Downs in the right kind of weather you are likely to see two activities happening ...... kite flying and glider piloting. Both dependent upon others to get them in the air and both dependent on the right kind of wind to function properly when up in the glorious freedom of the sky. Both are beautiful to watch.

Paragliders and hang gliders also use the downs but they were already on the ground during the time John was taking photographs.
So why all this flying type activity? It's all about height and elevation. The Downs stand at 797 ft. which is the highest point in the county of Bedfordshire. The London Gliding Club is based there.
If you like to walk there is a 61/2 mile circular path and due to the terrain (it can get muddy) you are advised to wear sturdy shoes or hiking boots.

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