Monday, January 19, 2009

Hand Embroidery exchange

I am getting back to hand embroidery after many years of not doing it. Don't know why I did that because it is something I love to do.
I have joined Lady of Steeles Hand Embroidery on Yahoo and it is a fabulous group. The ladies are so kind and genereous with their time and talents.
They are in the middle of a block exchange and a few days ago I decided to give it a try. My block is very basic and uses a pattern I adapted from their files :) It took me two evenings to stitch it up. Now I am contemplating adding some small flowers at the top of the heart.


Joan said...

That's a beautiful block! I love hand embroidery and am also just getting back after years away from it. It's such a great "TV time" activity for winter nights.

Carol said...

Thanks Joan. I have to watch I don't sew my self to my stitching :)