Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quilting in Layers

Winter is finally coming to middle Tennessee. Not the snow that up north is getting but it is turning cold enough that school is cancelled tomorrow and since Monday is Martin Luther King Day that gives the kids a loooong weekend :)

My sewing room has two outside walls, a couple of windows and is situated over our unheated garage so at the moment it is somewhat chilly in there. This afternoon I went "quilting in layers" :) I felt somewhat silly wearing three layers, my jacket and a scarf but whatever it takes. I would have worn gloves as well but that would have seriously impacted cutting fabric :)

One of my current projects - a challenge for The Thread Society has been coming along slowly since Friday. Tried 3 different designs. One was abandoned and another turned into a double sided wall hanging.  I'm doing applique but cannot show it yet.

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