Thursday, January 1, 2009

Travelling and a New Year Tradition

So our darling daughters (1&2) are now at the airport waiting for their flight to Dallas. From there they will head to Salt Lake City. It's been wonderful having them home for Christmas. They both did well in their end of semester exams and are looking forward to the fast approaching new set of classes. We are really proud of our girls and all that they have managed to accomplish in their lives thus far.

DD#3 and I have a ceremony that we do every new years day. We carefully take down the old calendar, store it away with all our other ones and with joy hang up our new one. After breakfast we proceed to fill in family birthdays and anniversaries. Later today we will fill in all the school holidays etc. We started this when she was very young, learning to read and showing a significant talent for organising and remembering dates. The first important date on the calendar ......... her birthday :) It's this month, she will be 16, wants to learn to sew a quilt and drive our van. She has an IEP. The quilt should be doable. The last time she tried to drive the van my husband white knuckled :)

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