Friday, September 4, 2009

The bird and leaves are also three dimensional. I just have to add an eye and legs to the bird.
I definately want to do some more three dimensional projects. Gives wall hangings a whole different feel. Once I've refined my process I'll do a little tutorial.
As for other projects. I made something, and sent it, to my recipient in the Angel swap. It went international and because of tightening up of security at their end I had to sign a customs form. So much for trying to remain anonymous :)
I'm also working on some fabric postcards but they are not ready to "show and tell" yet.
The "Whoopsy Daisy" pattern I won from The Quilted Fish arrived in the mail a couple of days ago. Thanks Amanda. I think I might adapt it slightly and do a mini version of it.
If you have read down this far then head on over to my other blog for a small giveaway I am running till Thursday.

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