Monday, September 14, 2009

Flower of the week - In memorium - George Cram

My cousins in Scotland had to attend their father's funeral today (6 hours ahead so probably done by now.) He died suddenly on Tuesday of last week.My parents were also planning on being there.
This flower is for them and the employees at the "family firm" Robertsons Interiors of Dundee.
Robertsons has been in business for about 140 years and at least 4 generations of the family have been involved with it.
How are we connected?
My great-uncle George Robertson was dating a lady called Edith Colville. One of his close friends was my grandfather. He started dating her sister Jessie and the rest is history :) Their daughter, my father and my aunt basically grew up together and during the summer would go on holidays together (whenever they could.)
Daughter got married and my brother has the same first name as one of her sons.
George was an astute businessman and well respected in his community. He lived a productive and meaningful life. Last time I saw him was three years ago at my younger brother's funeral. It was a good visit. He, and his family, made the day so much more bearable for us. I hope someone has been there today to help lighten them.


Michele at Sweet Leaf said...

Sorry for your loss, Carol. Your thoughts fly to them even across the ocean ...

Carol said...

Thanks Michele.