Wednesday, September 9, 2009

'tis a gift - Christmas is coming and BOM's:)

Aaaargh it's that time of year again.
Christmas is coming and I hereby promise that I will not put one of those "count down to Christmas" blinky things on any of my blogs :) (A still one maybe, but not a blinky.)
Kris and I are hatching a gift idea. It involves cookie cutters and brightly colored fabric, that I let her pick. We are sewing the working models together and contemplating the "bling".
The quilt block has nothing to do with all of that but is related to gifts of a different kind. There appears to be a plethora of BOM's this year which is great but the decisions about which ones(s) to make, now that can be hard.
I have been diligently collecting the Gail Pan block designs (now in a little blue folder) but did not want to go with the red/green suggestion. This week I had my "AHA" moment and will be doing shades of brown/tan with a few spots of color thrown in for good measure. There will be something going in the triangles. I'm at the sewing blocks and drawing designs in stage.
So thanks to all you wonderful people out there who have been gifting us with BOM's. Y'all are great. AND thanks to Barbara at our LofS group who has so diligently tried to keep up with all of them and do a monthly reminder.
(and yes the picture loaded sideways. I have a very packed day so don't have time to work it out.)

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