Friday, September 18, 2009

Where Did We Begin - First attempt at piecing a quilt

My very first attempt at piecing was (about 1995) "Ann Orr's Rose Garden" from Rotary Riot 40 Fast and Fabulous Quilts. I had previously bought the book to learn about rotary cutting and at that point still did not have any of the supplies (waaaay to expensive for my tiny budget). I really wanted to make this quilt so bought the fabric, ruler measured, pencil drew, and hand cut ALL the little squares. Aaaargh, took a long time.

All I will say is this - I was not fast and it did not look fabulous BUT I was able to save a lot of the blocks for other projects which were given to other people :) The one I am most pleased with is hanging in the hallway at my mother-in-laws house but I cannot find the photo of it.

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