Thursday, September 17, 2009

Local Life - The Nashville Symphony

The Nashville Symphony is fabulous. We are truly blessed to have such a cultural group of excellence in our midst.
Their relatively new home (opened in 2006) - the Schermerhorn Symphony Center is lovely. It's kind of shoehorned into it's site, because down town is so built up, but it's worth a visit. The seniors get prom pictures taken outside the building. They all look so gorgeous/handsome in their formal attire. Brings a lump to the throat and a few tears to the eyes of many a proud parent !!!!!! (I openly confess to having been one of them.)
Tomorrow night we are going to listen to Stephen Hough playing Tchaikovsky's 1st. Piano Concerto. Woohoo ......... Looooove Tchaikovsky. To see a historic video highlight go to
The "Schermer" has an interesting feature. The symphony hall can be transformed into a hardwood floor ballroom by lowering all the concert goer seats under the floor.
The statue is called "The Recording Angel" by Audrey Flack and is one of my absolute favorite pieces in downtown.

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